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Fresh announcements about the WPF Grand Prix.

Sudoku GP Round 2 - Instruction Booklet

The Instruction Booklet for the Sudoku GP Round 2 is now available. This time all the puzzles are prepared by the Serbian team.
If you have any questions regarding the puzzles, please use our forum. Thanks

Sudoku GP - Round 1 Solutions

You can check the solutions of the WPF Sudoku GP Round 1: //

Sudoku GP Round 1 - Results

Dear Sudoku GP players, the results of the first Sudoku GP round are available: //

You can also check your solving by clicking here: //

1st Puzzle round - Instruction Booklet

Dear players, the IB for the first Puzzle round is now available.

Please feel free to use the forum for any questions or comments. Thank you

IB - 1st sudoku round

Dear players, the latest version of the Instruction Booklet with points for the 1st Sudoku round is now available.

Scoring and Ranking

Dear players, details about scoring and ranking were added and are available in the Rules section.

Length of each GP round

Dear players,
based on your feedback and requests for extension of some GP rounds we decided to extend all the rounds by one day.
Therefore each round will start on Friday and end on Monday.

1st Puzzle GP Host

There is a small change in the WPF Puzzle GP schedule - the 1st Puzzle round will be hosted by the German team. The Japanese team will prepare the 3rd round for you.
Thank you


Dear players!

The registration for both WPF Sudoku GP and WPF Puzzle GP starts on Tuesday December 10th.